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Hello! This tour will teach you about all of the interesting things involved in tracking dollar bills. You will learn about hits, reports, graph diffusion, statistics, and more. You can take this guided tour, or simply explore the website all on your own. Either way, you will certainly learn a lot. Enjoy it!

What is a hit?

If you read the home page, you already know that we track dollar bills around the world. Basically, a hit is what we call it when a dollar bill that you have registered is entered in by someone else. Each hit represents a new person entering the same dollar bill on our website. A dollar bill that has received a hit has been tracked at two or more locations.

It is possible that you will create a hit for another member. If you enter a dollar bill that has already been registered on our website, you will be able to view where the dollar has already been, since we have been tracking it.


Each dollar bill that you enter will display a report. Here is a list of the information that each bill report will show you:

  • How many times the bill was entered
  • The members who entered it
  • The dates that members entered it
  • The physical distance the bill has traveled
  • All information you would register the bill with, such as the serial number and amount of the note
All of your dollar bill reports will display all of the information as described above. When another member enters a bill that you have registered, they will be able to see the same bill report. You will be listed as one of the members who entered the bill on the other person's report. When your dollar bill receives a hit, you will receive an email with a link to the bill report, showing the updated information.

Graph Diffusion

Aside from the interesting and fun tracking of dollar bills, we also compose graphs that detail how dollar bills generally circulate over time. We collect information on how many dollar bills are actually in circulation as compared to how many of them are registered with us. We also track how they circulate in other countries. We retain older data, and collect newer data to compare graphs in order to see how this information changes over the months and years.


We keep plenty of detailed statistics, and they are perfect to use as a "did you know…?" question in a conversation. Our statistics include the number of members and countries represented, the frequency of the use of our site, how many bills are registered, how many bills of each denomination are registered, and more. We also keep track of how many hits there are for each user and country represented. Feel free to browse our statistics sections and see for yourself!


In order to add a bit of a competitive edge to the whole experience, we set ranks for users and countries. As you already know, we keep statistics on how many notes various members enter, as well as those numbers for the countries they represent. Obviously, the more notes entered by a single member, or the higher the total notes entered for a particular country, the higher the rankings are.

We update the rankings on a daily basis, and post the countries and usernames of those in the lead for the past seven days. If you like a little competition, remember, the more bills you enter, the higher your rank. You may also want to spread the word to your friends and family so that the ranking for your country can have an even better chance at scoring a high rank.

The Community

TrackDollarBills.com is more than just a website, it is a community. We have a forum where members can talk about dollar bills, money in general, or the weather! Members can just come on the website to have fun, and that is what it is all about. You might make some new friends, or find a compatible mate who loves tracking dollar bills as much as you do! It is a great way to connect with people from all over the world, and just have fun.

Even members of our website administration team are a part of the community. You can send us messages and make friends with us, too!

That's the end of the tour! We hope you enjoyed it. Once again, welcome to the site. Feel free to explore the site further, and check out some of the things you learned about during the tour. Have fun, and may you track many bills!

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