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By registering with our site, you can track your dollar bills easily. Your account will display all of the bills that you enter and any hits that they may have received. Imagine the thousands of serial numbers you would have to search through just to find out which one is yours! With registration, it will be easy for you to view the bill reports on all of the notes that you enter. Each dollar bill that you register will have its own unique report that will be accessible with your email and password. Without registration, it would be difficult for all of our users to keep track of their own dollar bills.

As a registered member, you will have access to our forums. For mediation purposes, we only allow registered members to participate in the conversations taking place on the forums. Part of the experience is getting to know other people who track their dollar bills. Registering will make you a part of the community.

You will also receive an email notification (if you like) when one or more of your bills receive a hit. That way you won't miss it if you forget to log in and check. We will also email you about any new features on our website or special events. Remember, you will be a part of the community, so we will keep you in the loop!


At TrackDollarBills.com, we respect your privacy. We will never sell, distribute, or disclose your email address or other personal information to any third party. You will not receive unsolicited emails, spam, from any other party as a result of registering with this website.

We will never ask you for detailed personal information that would compromise your identity. We are not responsible for personal information that you voluntarily share on our member forum. We discourage members from abusing personal information, and our administration team will never take advantage of any such information. Use your own discretion when posting on the forums.

Do not give your password to anyone. Our administration team will never ask you for your password, or detailed financial or identification information.


For registration to be accurately completed, please fill out the information below. Please complete all of the information, as it is required. You will be able to start tracking dollar bills right away, and post on our member forum. Thank you for participating!

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